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If you search for "send flowers chicago" you will presumably be looking for help in sending flowers to someone living in Chicago or you live there yourself and are just seeking an internet florist. Well you've come to the right place. The easiest way to send someone flowers is to follow the link to our main Flowers page.

Imagine getting a beautiful bouquet of flowers from someone you love... there is no better way to make someone happy!

Did you know that, according to a recent survey, flowers, clothing and jewelry are the most popular gifts exchanged in America. Flowers top the lists of both men and women as the best "I love you" gift. Clothing is ranked the most convenient to give, and jewelry makes us smile.

When asked which gifts make us feel most special, respondents name jewelry (26%) and flowers (23%). Fifty-eight percent of Americans say they gave flowers at least once in the past year. This resulted in millions of smiles, many of which came from men, as one out of three women gave flowers to men.

Men who forget their anniversaries reach for the phone to call their florist, as flowers were named the most popular gift to get out of the doghouse.

Men love flowers! A survey conducted by the Society of American Florists showed that over 60% of men surveyed would like to receive flowers on Valentine's Day.

The easiest way to send someone flowers is to follow the link to our main Flowers page.

Why not send flowers to someone right now! (Martha Stewart)

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